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"A1 Sona Rope " Registered as a Govt. approved Supplier with e-Market Place DGSND, NSIC,MSSIDC, ONGC, PORTTRUST, Indian Navy & BSNL etc.


Sona Rope, Rope

A1 Sona Rope
Features :-    
Available In various size
Light Weight
Excellent Strength
High Flexibility
Controlled Elongation
Excellent Shock Absorption Capacity
Greater Abrasion Resistance Heat Resistance
Inert to Chemicals
Non corrosive    
For Fishery :
  Anchor Rope, Float Rope, Tow Rope For Cultivating pearl and oyster etc.
For Marine :
  Ship Hawser, Guide Rope, Sling Rope, Flogling, Life Rope, Cargo Net etc.
For Land :
  Truck Rope, Traction Rope, Rope For Agriculture, Sign Rope etc.
For Industry :
  Material Handling Operations, Picking Anodizing Operation in the Steel Pipe Industry & Sugar Factories. Engineering Construction & Oil Exploration.
Agriculture Application :
  Submersible Pump Application, Binder, Bales, Top Bands, Bird Protection Nets, Khat Dori, Nath, Dor, Morkhi etc.
Steelpipe Industry :
  In Picking and Anodizing Operations.
Stevedoring Companies :
  In Cargo Loading and Unloading Operations in all Ports.
Port & Ship Building Yards :
  In Towing, Mooring, Dry Docking and Similar other Operations.
Electricity Board :
  For Line Stringing, Tower Erection, Transformer Hoisting and Material Handling.
Industrial Application :
  These Ropes are ideal for Industrial Applications viz. material Handling, Line Stringing, Tower Erection, Towing Ropes, Arrestor Barriers, Boulder Nets, Mooring Ropes, Dry Docking, Rope Tents.
Rope Articles :
  A1 SONA Rope Articles Like Helipad Nets, Cargo Nets, Safety Nets, Gangody Nets, Bund Nets and Slings are Also Fabricated As Per Customer Specifications.
Defence :
  For Several Applications In The Armed Force : Such As Towing Of Gunnery Surface Targets, Rope Drags For Recovery For Vehicles, Arrester Barriers, Pantone Bridges, Tentage, Rappelling etc. Also Used By Para-military Forces And Defence Production Establishments.
Other Applications:
  Used In Sugar Factories, Engineering Construction and Oil Exploration Industries For Material Handling.
  Used In Tarpaulin CARPET INDUSTRIES - Poly Propylene Woven Door Mats & Mattings,
  Used In Telephone Ducting, HDPE Pipes, Ropes Tents.
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